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MYCSP Academy

Welcome to County Care's 'Community Skills Project' (CSP) online training portal, 'MYCSP Academy'.


MYCSP Academy provides you with access to your modules 24x7 to help with your independent skills whilst away from the Community Skills Project.


By attending our CSP program coupled with MYCP Academy our aim is to empower you with the skills to live an independent, safe and fulfilled life.

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Our Community Skills

Projects include:

  • Project Radio

  • Project Cafe

  • Plan it, Buy it, Cook it

  • Healthy Lifestyles

  • Project Garden

  • Project digital

  • Design and Enterprise

  • Woodwork Project

  • Volunteering

  • Vocation and Employment

  • Project Social

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Our Community Skills Projects equip young adults with learning difficulties and autism with the fundamental skills to live fulfilling, functional daily lives and the confidence, health and wellbeing to pursue independence and employment.

Our innovative, person-centred approach provides purposeful, fun activities whilst providing exposure to a wide range of experiences in work, volunteering and enterprise. We empower our Customers to pursue independent living, broaden their experiences and make their own choices.

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How can I Join the community skills project (csp)

MYCSPA is a tool to provide additional support based around the sessions delivered within our community skills projects. As part of our CSP you will get full access to this online portal for FREE.


This portal is designed as an additional tool to assist you in developing the new skills learnt either within our community skills hubs or out in the community. The content provided is self paced and inclusive of step by step videos....


Discussion boards are also provided based around the different sessions CSP provides, these are for you to ask any questions, share ideas or even to help others. You do not have to join these boards if you would prefer to stay private.

For information on how you can join one of our Community Skills Projects please call or fill in the form below.

Please see below for our current centre locations:

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